iSoftValley O2O Rural Ecommerce Solution

iSoftValley Platform rural O2O solution is based on the B2B2C system to development, provice merchants supplier and retailers enter

provide fresh product for town and first-tier cities

iSoftValley Rural O2O Ecommerce Hot model

iSoftValley platform O2O solutions are applicable to many different fields

All covered Shopping Mall, food, the same city distribution etc, accoding to your city help you built a diversified living service platform

iSoftValley platform O2O Model Service Flow

iSoftValley platform Rural Ecommerce supplier O2O solutions to help you create a perfect business closed loop
and enhance user experience, so that your platform operation easier and get maximize profits

Rich marketing function Build a sticky, highly active O2O fan community

Rural Ecommerce O2O Platform Multiple profit

Your Closer Technical Department iSoftValley

195 million, farmers, 460 billion scale, the government strongly supported

The next rural electricity supplier blue ocean is about to open for you!

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